Wall Cabinets With Glass Doors

Wall cabinets with glass doors are most likely to be the focal point of any kitchen. Although everyone is aware that base cabinets are there and would miss them if they weren’t, it’s the wall cabinets with glass doors that get all the attention. For that reason, manufacturers of fine cabinetry produce many different styles of doors for cabinets so that all kitchens don’t have to look alike. Commercial cabinets are also being fitted out with more than just shelves these days to give them more functional uses.

Some experts will advise you not to make your cabinets with glass doors any higher than you’ll be able to reach, but the choice is actually up to you. High shelves can be used for additional storage of items you seldom use. There’s also controversy about whether it’s best to just hang the wall cabinets with glass doors at the standard height leaving the tops open or to build a bulkhead to hang them from.

Some kitchen cabinets come with glass doors, and they can be very attractive. However, if you don’t want to keep the interiors of your cupboards totally neat and immaculately clean at all times, everyone is going to be able to see the mess through the glass panels. In addition, when you install cabinets with glass doors you’ll be sentencing yourself to years of cleaning fingerprints off the glass. If you’ve ever had glass tabletops you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Most wall cabinets come with some type of raised-panel design. Traditionally these have been either rectangular or curved at the top. There is a machine available now, though, that actually carves patterns into the raised panels of kitchen wall cabinet doors which has vastly opened up the field of design. The days of simple, square-paneled doors may well become history as we make room for modern technology.


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