Glass Pocket Door

Glass pocket door. Pocket glass doors are coming back in vogue in home design. These types of doors were very popular in homes constructed in the early nineteen hundreds as a way to save space. These doors slide into the wall instead of opening and closing taking up floor space.

They are experiencing a comeback now as the current favored style is turn of the nineteenth century chic. Everything old is new again! A great place to use these glass doors is between living spaces. They are favored between living rooms and dinning areas and as entrance doors into bedrooms. They are perfect for small spaces. You will see them as closet doors as well, leaving more floor space in the room. You can use glass pocket doors on virtually any entry way as a way to save much needed space.

Any kind of glass doors can be used as pocket ones but typically hollow core doors are used because they are light and are easy to move. The doors move on a track that is hidden between the wall. In some cases the pocket glass doors are quite elaborate and are made with glass inserts and other decorations on the door. It is obviously recommended though that the door remains under ten pounds to keep from having problems with moving it in and out of its pocket.

Building them is a pretty heavy duty DIY project and really should be left up to someone with ample carpentry experience. There are some considerations that have to be made when adding these types of doors after the fact. If the wall is a load baring wall than pocket doors might not be an option. The thickness of the wall will also have to be considered when thinking about installing these type of doors. Pocket glass doors is the perfect solution for small spaces and are very fashionable.


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