Doggie Door For Sliding Glass Door

Doggie door for sliding glass door. The sliding glass pet door is the easiest way to install a doggie door. It’s basically a giant door that rests on the patio door rails. Unlike other doggie doors, they are easy to install and remove, and when removed leave virtually no evidence that they were ever installed. Because of this, they are a favorite for renters. When buying a sliding glass pet door, there are several different types to choose from.

Sliding glass doggie doors come in two variants, “semi-permanent” and “temporary”. Temporary pet doors require no cutting of the aluminum frame. They use simple pin locks, and installation consists of drilling holes on the top and bottom rails to install the door. Semi-permanent doors are generally screwed to the frame, and use conventional hook and latch style locks. It’s important to note that no sliding pet door is designed to work with your existing locks. Instead, they will come with their own locks that install about a food above your old lock. Doggie door for sliding glass door.

One of the biggest considerations for sliding glass pet doors is insulation. Pet doors have come a long way since the simple hole and flap design that is usually depicted on TV. Now, pet doors have several panes of glass, patented gaskets, and numerous flaps to keep air out of your house. Cheaper units generally have poor insulation qualities, and any cost savings you might gain initially will soon be offset by heating and cooling costs.

These pet doors can be quite pricey, due to their extensive construction requirements. Most are custom built, meaning they are non-refundable so do your research first. Lower end units can be had for $350-500, while higher end units can run over $1,000. Unfortunately, if you have a large dog expect to pay more. Cheaper models tend to use the flap design.


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