Colored Glass Door Knobs

Colored glass door knobs. A colored glass door knob is an outstanding choice for high-class and elegant door decoration. This precious accessory was discovered long ago. It comes as a substitute for worn and old knobs, and is an excellent item for an antique collection. There are high-end glass doorknobs, with highly detailed workmanship, and there are the less expensive versions.

Glass doorknobs are not suitable for exterior doors and heavy use. They work well on drawers, closets, cabinets and glass doors. They can add a beautiful look to a dressing room, classy restroom and washroom. Glass doorknobs are not designed for the garage door or for children’s room, and should be avoided on any door that receives rough treatment. Colored glass door knobs.

There are different shapes of colored glass door knobs including square, circular and oval shapes. Regular clear glass and mirrored knobs are also available and colored. Self adhesive knobs are also commonly used. Modern as well as traditional glass doorknobs are available in a variety of colors, finishes, styles and shapes. Different manufactures produce a wide range of glass door knobs. The prices depend on quality, design, model and style.

Glass door knobs are not suitable for every home. Special care is needed while operating these knobs. When purchasing a glass doorknob, you must consider the style, the nature of your home and other options. Knobs made of glass can fracture easily, so always go for a glass knob with a maximum warranty. Most glass door knobs come with a limited lifetime mechanical warranty. Keep in mind that colored glass door knobs can be used for indoor and outdoor uses, and some even have glass doors to add a touch of elegance.


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