Apothecary dresser

Apothecary dresser. Location furnishings in unexpected locations. Reduce the lovely antique dresser from upstairs to the entrance of your residence. Place a lamp on it, a little bowl or basket for your keys as well as cell phone at the end of the day, a tiny favored household picture and some fresh blossoms. The leading cabinet would be a best home for your household’s handwear covers, hats as well as scarves to grab before leaving the door. An additional instance– place a curio cupboard in a restroom. I directly have a shoddy elegant styled one in the corner of my visitor shower room. Something you would normally discover in one of the various other living areas of a residence. Apothecary dresser. It’s paintinged, weathered, and also I get matches on it every time we have new visitors over. Nevertheless, as opposed to china or a collection of tea pots inside, I have points like apothecary containers; one loaded with unwrapped soaps as well as one with all-natural sea sponges. I added a couple of rolled hand towels, a large organic clay platter on a plate stand, a little rock statuary, as well as a couple of trinket boxes. People are constantly stunned when they discover this closet in my shower room.


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