8 Foot Sliding Glass Door

8 foot sliding glass door. Providing security to a 8 foot sliding glass door has it difficulties, because the door is made of glass and the frame usually is made of aluminum. A sliding door is the easiest and quickest way for an intruder to enter a home.

Dual function door and patio security bar – This bar is a multi-task item. To secure a sliding door, the bar has a removal pin. The pin can be pushed in or out. Push pin in to insert between door jam and wall of sliding door. Release pin to secure door. The bar is made of steel and can be used at home or during travel, And also can be used on both wood and aluminum sliding doors. The lock is versatile, so it can be placed on left or right 8 foot sliding glass door openings.

Has a rubber grip foot to prevent scratches and mars on floor. It is made of heavy duty steel. Folds easily and is portable. Small investment for a large amount of security. Sometimes used to describe a 8 foot sliding glass door security bar. Works on the same bar principle. The bar typically fit doors from 36 to 48 inches. Install easily by drilling a holes in the door frame and using the screws that come with the kit. Unlike the other bars, this bar is placed in the middle of the door. The door opens easily by pushing up on it.

One inexpensive method is to use 3″ or longer screws. This will make it more difficult to attain entry if the frame of the door is compromised. Cut down or clear bushes or plants that cover the entry way to the patio door. It may allow neighbors or passerby to observe an intruder. Wedging a piece of sturdy wood between the frame and door jam will provide security.


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